Work In Progress

2008-05-24 14:09:21 by Gatling

Currently I'm working on my part of the Food Collab hosted by TheBoogley, while I actually should be studying for my exams (we only have 2 months of vacation in Belgium).

When my part for the Food Collab is finished I should probably get going with another project I called "Narcissus Necrosis". It tells the story about Narcissus and Echo in a really trippy way and dark way. I based it on Catoblepas' work, I'm not going to rip him of or something. While tentacles are his thing, I'm going more with an organ themed-flash.

If someone here knows the story of Narcissus and Echo you may be free to post your ideas here! If I'll ever get to using it you'll be creditted.

Work In Progress


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2008-05-24 14:10:37

The story of Narcissus and Echo is a great story. Good luck with your flash.

(Updated ) Gatling responds:

I thought that the story of Narcissus reflected the mentality of the Internetculture really good. Sometimes everybody here is so full of themselves that they forget that they're still other people with feelings.


2008-06-06 14:08:05

The art style looks original :O

And pretty good tbh

Gatling responds:

I'm trying out different styles right now. I kinda like this one, I'll probably stick to it.
The picture I posted is just soe kind of sketch, I'll probably improve it later on.


2008-06-08 15:56:48

cool i like your art skills

like your banner
it looks like your movie is going good cant wait

Gatling responds:

Yeah thanks, man! I really hope I can finish it in my vacation.


2008-06-08 16:18:43

darknessdweller wuz here.

Gatling responds:

darknessdweller wuz banned.


2008-06-12 12:02:05

sweet picture

Gatling responds:

It's going to be alot better when it's finished and animated!


2008-06-12 14:54:51


Gatling responds:

.. echo ..... echo ......... echo


2008-06-18 06:24:46

sounds cool, but is the face gonna look like that?

(Updated ) Gatling responds:

Yes the face is going to stay that way in that scene. But I'm probably going to add some real detail in the close ups and other scenes.

I'm sort of afraid people are going to recognize Madness in it. But that was not what I am trying to do, I think it just fits the style I'm aiming at.


2008-06-18 06:46:17

oh, will it be fbf? certainly looks it! if it is, awesome!!!

Gatling responds:

I never use fbf where a well placed tween could do the trick. I just try to find a balance.

It's mostly FBF, though, the parts I already have done are only FBF and it took superlong to make those.


2008-06-19 01:15:16

ahh...yes. It does take long to do fbf but I reckon it's worth it. It certainly does show some skill and style as well. I find it more satisfying as it is what the professionals do(I think...).
Yeah, I don't particularly like tweening in my animations as it does sometimes go a bit weird.
But yeah, this movie sounds promising :)
P.S.-Go back on my userpage, I replied to ur comment

Gatling responds:

The reason tweens look weird sometimes is because it's not natural. Almost nothing moves at the same speed all the time. That's why there's the Ease-function in Flash.

I forgot the difference between FBF en keyframing for a second, but my animation has alot of FBF in it where every frame of the character is redrawn, not the backgrounds.


2008-06-19 04:27:01

I responded again lol :D
And have u started it yet? How much have u done? How's it going so far?
I've started on the non talkative parts as my voice actor's microphone broke but I got another voice actor.
Also, I started and it was going swell and really good then MACROMEDIA STUFFED UP ON ME!!! Bloody hell. But at least I'm not de...deinspired? I'm starting it again now.

Gatling responds:

I had to stop working on this since I have exams right now, but I'm already at 20%.

Here's a tip for you: You can already start the sequences with voice acting but you don't have to do the lip-sync yet. That's how most animators do it.


2008-06-19 04:43:11

Yeah? Ain't that what I'm doing?
I'm doing sequences without voices first anyways.
Confused about what u mean...oh and guess what? My userpage is what.
Another response :)

Gatling responds:

What I went was you can already do the sequences with voices, but do the lipsync later on when you have the sound added.


2008-06-19 06:14:51

Yeah, but thAT'D BE oops caps
That'd be weird. I prefer not to do that.


2008-06-20 05:59:12

U just got APRIME'D

Gatling responds:

U just got GATLING'D


2008-06-27 07:12:38

Nice profile picture

Gatling responds:

Thanks! It was drawn by SmilingIdiot of a photo of me.


2008-06-30 21:30:10

it's work in progress, not process, fucking moron

Gatling responds:

Oh well, thank you for pointing that out so nicely! Now I suggest you learn fucking English from scratch all together with Dutch, German, French and Latin, so I can call you a fucking moron when you make a mistake.