Banned Again

2008-12-22 17:36:39 by Gatling

I got banned for my post in this thread. FUNKbrs is clearly a bigger faggot than I've imagined.

Banned Again


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2008-12-22 19:13:59

You seriously got banned for that post? I agree, FUNKbrs a steaming pile. And I'm usually fair with mods.

Gatling responds:

Yeah, well. I must've hurt his ego or something.


2008-12-24 01:09:45

thats nu`n to be completely honest,I seen so maNy ppl ''brag" about getting banned,I stopped caring!

(Updated ) Gatling responds:

This isn't bragging. This me being pissed because of the reason why I'm banned.


2008-12-25 10:58:01

Yeah, they do that.