Entry #1

My Logo

2008-01-21 14:02:24 by Gatling

This is my logo, as you can see it's all over my userpage and I'm going to use it in future animations. It took quite a long time to make.

It started of as I wondering how to make a G, which is also the first letter of my real name, out of a square, while being bored in geography class. When the design was finished, I downloaded the trail version of Cabri Geometry and used the right dimensions. Then I decided to make the other letters of my username out of geometrical shapes.

The G is made out a square as I told earlier. The A and the N are made out of a pentagons. The L is made out of an equilateral triangle. The small square is a returning element in my design.

After I finished the logo in Cabri I printscreened (the trail version doesn't support exporting) each letter an traced them over with the linetool in flash.

And this is the result:

My Logo


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