The FACE Collab is out!

2008-02-03 15:13:05 by Gatling

Finally it's out in the Portal: the FACE collab.

I want to thank everyone that has worked with me in this collab and I want especially thank TheBoogley for his hard work, effort and time, that he put in this collab.

I hope to work again with all of you guys soon. I had a great time working with you guys.

This is my first collab AND my first two finished animations ever and it worked out really well.

Thank you guys!

EDIT: Wow it got daily second, my first submission and already a trophy!
EDIT: W0000000t Frontpage!!!!!!


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2008-02-03 20:55:33

Wow... Your parts were amazing! Those were really great.

(Updated ) Gatling responds:

Thanks! The part with the skull took me 12 hours of work to complete, but the second part just 3.


2008-02-05 06:42:07

Your first parts! I did not know this. Well done!

Gatling responds:

Yup, took me a long time to make them and I learned alot.


2008-02-07 13:15:15

was awesome!

Gatling responds:

No! You're awesome!


2008-02-27 09:03:11

Hey nice parts, Gatling. :)

(Updated ) Gatling responds:

Thanks, your part was great too!


2008-04-02 14:16:02

Cograts. n_n

(Updated ) Gatling responds:

I also have problems with those nasty cog-rats. Those pescy beasts chew on everything!


2008-04-29 11:06:22

u need to update ur post, and the face collab is rather good quality, despite it's wierdness

(Updated ) Gatling responds:

I know ... I know, I think I'll post some WIP.


2008-05-02 01:26:29

Wow, thats soem nice work there.
I'm just wondering, Where did you get those Explosm pics for the lazer collab?